Why choose Quick Dry Cycling Wear

Author: admin / 2022-10-19
Some people think that Quick Dry Cycling Wear are very mysterious, thinking that there are many high-tech components in them. In fact, most of the quick-drying clothes are made of chemical fiber fabrics, but due to different processing techniques, they have the characteristics that ordinary clothes do not have. of various miraculous effects. The Quick Dry Cycling Wear does not absorb sweat, but quickly transfers the sweat to the surface of the clothes, and evaporates the sweat through air circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of quick-drying. The drying speed of the general Quick Dry Cycling Wear is faster than Cotton fabrics are 50% faster.
The fabrics used in quick-drying clothes are mainly polyester fibers, and some environmentally friendly fibers such as soybeans are also used. Polyester fiber, also called nylon, has a different water absorption than cotton and linen. The biggest feature of polyester fiber is that it does not siphon after absorbing water, but increases the evaporation rate by increasing the wet area.
Features of Quick Dry Cycling Wear: After riding, many people put on "comfortable and breathable" pure cotton clothing in order to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling that a lot of sweat accumulates on the surface of the skin. But in fact, pure cotton clothing can only absorb sweat and not breathable, so it is not suitable for riding. The right way to do it is to choose a quick-drying jersey that is loose, comfortable, stretchable, breathable and easy to wick away sweat.