Cycling Jersey buying skills

Author: admin / 2022-10-14
Cycling Jersey buying skills
1. Pay attention to the choice of version
Fit is key, and jerseys are a professional thing. Not like watermelon is watermelon. Therefore, when choosing cycling clothes, be sure to choose professional ones. And professional cycling clothing has considerable research in terms of version. Very detailed.
2. Pay attention to the choice of fabric
If it is a cycling underwear, because it is worn close to the body, the comfort of the fabric is very high. In the winter when the weather is colder, polyester fabrics with good warmth, breathability and thermal insulation are usually used. When the weather is hot, we must choose lightweight fabrics that are sweat-wicking, breathable, washable and quick-drying. At the same time, we can also do some post-processing on the fabric, such as adding antibacterial and deodorant silver ions, or antibacterial fibers.
The characteristics of cycling clothing fabrics are functionality, protection, fit and comfort. The improved polyester fiber not only has high strength, good elasticity, extensibility, wear resistance, and durability; it also uses capillary action to have good air permeability. And perspiration, can quickly discharge a lot of sweat, keep the body surface dry.
3. Pay attention to the details of the jersey.
How to judge the grade of a piece of clothing if you don't know how to make clothes? It is useless to look at the details and look at the propaganda. Details can see the quality and grade of the product.
The sewing is straight and symmetrical, smooth, without rough thread, which is a symbol of quality. Those professional high-end brand products have no wires, broken wires, and skipped pins. There are very few wires that are not cut cleanly.