How to choose a Cycling Jersey for autumn and winter?

Author: admin / 2022-10-25
Autumn and winter are approaching, and outdoor cycling requires a set of professional Cycling Jersey. Riding is more professional and comfortable, which can save you from the pain of skin and flesh. However, different cycling clothes are worn in different seasons, and the long-sleeved cycling clothes can be divided into summer long-sleeved cycling clothes, fleece long-sleeved cycling clothes, etc. Recently, when many riders are customizing autumn and winter cycling clothes, they often I don't know how to choose the right one. Here are some suggestions for you, I hope it can help you.
1. Summer long-sleeved cycling jersey
As the name suggests, the season of wearing has been indicated in the name - summer. This type of cycling jersey uses the same fabric and technology as the short-sleeved cycling jersey, and has better elasticity. The reason for making long sleeves is that it has a sunscreen effect; the other is that it has a certain effect of keeping out the cold, so it can be worn in midsummer or early autumn.
2. Fleece long-sleeved cycling jersey
Many riders may have misunderstandings about the seasons suitable for cycling clothes made of this fabric. Although the word "fleece" in the name makes people feel warmer, in fact, the windproof and warm effects of this kind of fabric are average, usually only It is suitable for wearing at a temperature of about 20 degrees, and it is not enough in late autumn or early winter. At present, fleece fabrics are more popular because they have the same composition as summer fabrics. They are all polyester and are suitable for printing. Therefore, they have various styles and are fashionable and beautiful, which can meet the individual needs of the majority of riders. But in terms of practicality, in general. And the fleece material, compared with summer fabrics, has average elasticity, so it is recommended that you choose one size larger.
3. Windproof cycling clothing
Commonly known as windbreaker, it is generally made of extremely light and thin fabrics, the front piece is windproof and the back piece is breathable. In fact, the windbreaker is a very practical cycling clothing, which can be used for a long time. And the general windbreaker fabric also has a certain waterproof function, so in some long-distance riding, windbreaker is a more suitable choice. The windbreaker is also relatively cheap. However, because the general color of the windbreaker is relatively monotonous, and it is generally monochrome, the personalization is general. Of course, the windbreaker can also be printed to meet individual needs.
4. Winter Composite Cycling Wear
As the name suggests, this type of clothing is worn in winter. It is windproof, breathable and warm. It is suitable for wearing up and down at 0 degrees. Therefore, in winter in the southern region, you can wear this type of cycling clothing. The so-called composite fabric is mainly composed of 3 layers of composite materials, the outermost layer is WIND OUT windproof material, and the inner layer is brushed thermal insulation material, so it can achieve a good windproof, warm and breathable effect. This type of cycling jersey is generally more casual in style, has various functions, and is suitable for daily wear. Therefore, if you are a rider who chooses to wear cycling clothes in winter, it is recommended that you choose this style. There are also windproof pants made of similar fabrics, which are also suitable for winter wear. In winter, the temperature is relatively low, and the human body consumes a large amount of heat. When dressing, you should first consider the three principles of windproof, breathable and warm.