Classification of cycling pants

Author: admin / 2022-11-04
Standard, padded, tight cycling pants are for road/mountain cross-country. It is arguably the finest garment. Because these riding pants are made of LYCRA fabric, they are elastic and easy to move. The COOLMAX material is used to make high-end cycling pants with excellent air permeability. Even in the summer, wearing this material will not cause discomfort, let alone worry about heat rash. It also reduces pressure on the pubic area which is very effective.
In addition to changing the saddle or special riding pants, you can apply facial cleanser on the seat cushion of riding pants. (Glycerin)
As variations on the standard riding pants, there are pants, underpants, suspenders, slacks and other models. Those big fat biker pants. It's basically for the mountains. Some people feel too embarrassed to wear leggings, so clothing manufacturers have made them specially. Usually a pair of oversized biker pants. Very poor air permeability, especially in summer. It's hot as hell. There is no elasticity in the fabric of the ground, and it is easy to slide down at the back when riding (while the back of the standard riding pants is slightly higher, which has been adapted to the bending riding posture).
Thick, hard belts make it difficult to breathe. Riding comfort is the most important thing. The more comfortable you are, the faster and farther you can ride. It's as simple as that. In contrast, wearing underwear inside and wearing a pair of beach pants outside the effect is better. Trousers and suspenders are mainly designed for cycling in the colder seasons. The air permeability of this pants material is not high, but its insulation ability is good. There are usually some reflective designs near the feet, which increases the beauty of the design, and also ensures the safety of night riding. In China, bicycles are more a means of transportation, but if you really want to ride a bike, you will find it a lot of fun.