What is the difference between cycling clothes and ordinary sportswear

Author: admin / 2022-11-11
Why wear cycling clothes?
Many people think that, if you ride a bicycle every day, loose and comfortable sports and leisure clothes are enough. Why waste money and buy a set of cycling clothes specially designed for cycling?
For short-distance daily riding, ordinary sportswear can meet the needs. However, for riding sports with exercise nature, a set of riding clothes does not only look professional, it can protect the body during cycling. Relieve lactic acid backlog and muscle soreness, and play a good role in repairing chronic damage and physical fatigue of the human body.
What are the differences between cycling clothes?
1. Fabric selection
During the riding process, the degree of flexion of the human body is constantly changing, which leads to the tensile deformation of the fabric, and the dynamic pressure generated by the clothing on the human body is constantly changing. Therefore, the tensile recovery performance of the fabric is particularly important.
With the development of science and technology, cycling clothes have begun to use moisture-wicking fabrics, which can quickly absorb moisture and sweat on the surface of the skin, and immediately discharge it into the atmosphere to quickly restore the body surface to a dry state. Therefore, cycling clothes usually use functional fabrics with moisture wicking or moisture absorption and quick drying.
In addition, due to the elastic requirements of cycling clothing, the clothing is often knitted to reduce the constraints on athletes when riding.
2. Clothing layout
Cycling clothing generally takes the form of a bodysuit with shorts as the bottom. In order to improve aerodynamic performance, the overall three-dimensional cut of the jersey wraps the body in a tight state. Studies have shown that the seams of clothing have a greater impact on drag reduction than materials and structures. Therefore, there is no dividing line in front of the shoulders, back and legs, and the use of seamless stitching can effectively reduce wind resistance.
The collar of the jersey can be round neck, stand-up collar or V-neck. Although the tighter the collar, the less the contact area with the air and the resistance can be reduced. However, it should be noted that setting a too tight neckline simply to reduce wind resistance will affect the blood in the head. supply.
The sleeves of the jersey are mainly raglan sleeves, dropped shoulder sleeves and flat sleeves to increase the range of movement of the athletes' shoulders. The athlete is leaning forward when riding, so the sleeves of the jersey are designed to lean forward, and the back piece is longer than the front piece. The cuffs of the long-sleeved cycling jersey are relatively tight, and the short-sleeved cuffs will be provided with anti-slip strips to prevent the cuffs from slipping and affecting riding.
The trouser legs of the cycling jersey are also divided into lengths. The trousers cycling jersey has a tighter pressure on the ankle part, which plays a fixed role. The thigh part is loose, but the waist and hip part is relatively tight; shorts cycling pants have anti-slip trousers. Strip processing, some cycling jersey trousers are provided with zippers for adjustment.
 3. Special parts design
Since the pedaling action of the legs will generate a lot of friction during the riding process, the inner gear of the riding suit is stitched with pads to reduce the friction of the bicycle seat pad on the crotch, usually using PAD (hip protector)—— Elastic antibacterial three-dimensional three-dimensional pad.
The elbows, backs, and thighs of the jersey need to be designed with dividing lines according to the muscle lines and sports status to obtain a covering and protection effect that is more in line with the sports shape.
The back design of the cycling jersey is relatively unique, because the rider needs a lot of supplies when riding, but it is impossible to stop and open the backpack every time when riding. Therefore, the back of many cycling jerseys will Equipped with several storage pockets for easy access to things while riding.
The so-called "If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools". A suitable riding suit is not only as simple as it looks, but also to improve the comfort of riding, protect the body of the rider, and get the most out of it. The best riding experience.