Do you know these problems of cycling pants?(superior)

Author: admin / 2022-11-18
Cycling pants are one of the important cycling equipment. They not only help relieve the pain of PP, protect the contact between the body and the seat cushion from damage, but also reduce wind resistance, improve riding comfort, and increase riding fun. Today, Cycling Man will talk to you about cycling pants.
Are Cycling Pants a Necessity?
Cycling pants are a need, not a necessity. Heat preservation, sun protection, wind resistance, muscle protection, etc. are the main functions of cycling pants. For commuter cyclists, a pair of soft and close-fitting ordinary pants is enough. For cycling enthusiasts, a good pair of cycling pants is very important. Professionally designed cycling pants are more sweat-absorbing, more comfortable, and easier to clean, which can reduce friction and pain. Especially when riding long distances, cycling pants can make your riding experience more comfortable and your riding ability better.
Are cycling pants loose or tight?
Choose tight-fitting cycling pants. If you're shy about wearing tights and go one size up, you're doing it wrong. The reason why the cycling pants are tight is to fix the pad in the proper position. If the fixation is not firm or the position is incorrect, the pad will have a "friction, friction" relationship with some parts of you. Loose riding The extra material in the suit will only bring you more moisture and friction.
Are cycling pants longer the better?
Now cycling pants can be roughly divided into three types according to the length, short: can cover the upper part of the knee, medium: can cover below the knee, and long: cover the whole leg. The longer the cycling pants, the more human skin it covers, which can protect the knees and other parts from heat preservation or sun protection. The longer the riding pants, the better, it still depends on the time, weather and place you ride.
Is the more expensive the cycling pants, the better?
Many riders are more inclined to buy some big brands, because they feel that the products provided by big brands are of better quality. Indeed, generally speaking, big brands are of better quality than ordinary sports brands, but everyone should have a control over the price. Cycling pants must be suitable for you. If it is not suitable for your body shape, then no matter how expensive the price is, it will not help you no matter how big the brand is. You should purchase the most suitable cycling pants according to your body shape, the environmental factors of riding, and your riding habits.