Do you know these problems of cycling pants? (Down)

Author: admin / 2022-11-25
Cycling pants are one of the important cycling equipments. They not only help relieve the pain of PP, protect the contact between the body and the seat cushion from damage, but also reduce wind resistance, improve riding comfort, and increase riding fun. Today, Cycling Man will talk to you about cycling pants.
How to clean cycling pants?
The pant pads of cycling pants are easy to breed bacteria, so pay attention to cleaning and disinfection after each wearing. Although the fabric and pant pads of cycling pants have good elasticity, they may be out of shape and deformed. Therefore, it is recommended to wash by hand, and if machine washing in a washing machine, it should also be adjusted to the gentle cycle. At the same time, cycling pants are usually made of quick-drying fabrics, so after washing, wring out the water with your hands and let it dry. Do not use a washing machine to spin dry.
Are Cycling Pants UV Resistant?
Will the anti-ultraviolet ability decrease after washing? There are two main ways to resist ultraviolet rays, one is to add a coating to the surface of the fabric. The surface of this kind of fabric will age after repeated washing, and the anti-ultraviolet function will gradually decline; the other is that when the fabric is processed, the ultraviolet isolation factor is mixed, and the fabric has the characteristics of long-term anti-UV fabric after it is produced. , but is expensive and rarely used. Generally, cycling pants are mostly coated, such as 3-4 times a week, and the best service life is two years.
Do I need to wear underwear to wear cycling pants?
Wearing cycling pants is not suitable for wearing underwear. There are three purposes of wearing cycling pants: reduce wind resistance, increase the comfort of the buttocks and the seat cushion, and reduce friction. The reason for reducing friction is because long-distance cycling pants rubbing against the skin for a long time will cause inflammation to varying degrees or other skin problems, and the material of cycling pants can effectively reduce friction. And if you wear underwear again, the effect of reducing friction of cycling pants will be weakened, and it will not work. Moreover, underwear is generally made of cotton, which has poor perspiration function, and moisture will increase friction, which is harmful to the human body. It does more harm than good.