The basics of cycling jerseys

Author: admin / 2022-12-01
Cycling jerseys are not only stylish, but also functional. For example, the design in the back pocket can place belongings, making it easy to ride. Convenient. Let's take a look at cycling jersey designs to help you with your cycling.
Most cycling jerseys are designed and manufactured with synthetic materials that can breathe and wrest sweat. The quick-drying material removes sweat from your body and keeps you dry and comfortable. Polyester/elastic fiber blend, proprietary polyester woven blend, increase the breathable function.
The most typical feature of synthetic cycling shirts is that they are super elastic and can be attached to the skin, reducing resistance to riding. Some amateur riders prefer a loose-fitting cycling suit, sometimes referred to as "Culb Fit" or "Recreational Fit" (see below), that is suitable for recreational riding. The design is closer to the type of golf jersey, with loose shoulders and waist.
The fully open zipper gives you more comfort and ventilation throughout the ride. When unzipped above your belly button, it allows for maximum ventilation. (Full zipper biking dress pictured below) A tight biking dress with the characteristics of a jacket.
Cycling sleeves generally fall into two categories: traditional and Lageran
1. Traditional cycling sleeves: Seams, almost from bottom to top shoulder.
2. Lageran sleeves: Seams, from arm to neckline, make arm movement more flexible, especially when the handlebars are low.