What are bib cycling pants? What are the advantages over ordinary cycling pants?

Author: admin / 2022-12-09
As long as riders who wear bib cycling pants, if they are asked to wear flat-cut cycling pants again, the feeling is that they can’t go back. From a visual observation, the biggest difference between bib cycling pants and flat-cut cycling pants is that There are two extra straps, whether you are a novice or a veteran, a few people may feel a little uncomfortable when they first come into contact with it, but as the wearing time increases, they will gradually lose their feeling. the
Straps are usually divided into two materials: mesh and Lycra. Mesh, as the name suggests, pays attention to breathability, while Lycra has no sense of oppression compared to the former. The first impression of bib riding pants is that they have a high sense of professionalism, which makes a few riders mistakenly think that the price of bib bib riding pants is too high, but if they are all entry-level models, the price difference is actually 100-200 yuan between.
The waist no longer slips
As the wearing time increases, the tightness of the elastic band around the waist of the flat-mouth cycling pants will gradually deteriorate, and the riding effect will be greatly reduced. Bib cycling pants were born to completely solve this problem.
Waist without constriction
Because of the elastic band, wearing flat cycling pants will inevitably have a sense of restraint. If it is too tight, it will feel uncomfortable, especially when the body posture is relatively low when holding the handlebars. At this time, the feeling is more obvious. If you ride with a strap Pants, you can experience the unfettered pleasure, relatively speaking, it can also increase the riding efficiency, and for riders with a lucky belly, the comfort is greatly improved.
Keep the pads in the correct position
The 4 types of straps of the bib riding pants are like the four King Kongs, completely fixing and stretching the four corners of the bib riding pants, so that the riding pants can fit closely with the body in a three-dimensional concept, and the pant pad will not Displacement, relatively speaking, also reduces friction to a minimum. This advantage is especially a boon for male riders. As long as the position is correct when wearing it, the comfort will be completely improved.
better coverage
Compared with flat-cut cycling pants, bib cycling pants will not expose the skin, reduce direct contact with the air, especially the lower back, and keep warmer overall.
Want convenience but inconvenient?
Thinking about it seriously, the only disadvantage of bib biking pants seems to be that it is inconvenient when going to the bathroom. For female riders, no matter whether they are large or small, they need to take off the bib first, and then take off the suspenders and biking pants , to be able to go to the toilet, if it is cold winter, it is really a great pain.
Cleaning and maintenance
In addition to following the laundry instructions on the label of the brand, when drying, it is generally recommended to hang the waistline of the cycling pants instead of hanging the cycling pants directly on the hanger, so as to avoid elastic fatigue of the accelerated sling.